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Sl.NoDateLecture TopicSpeaker
113th, 14th December 2018 @ IIT Madras Research Park, ChennaiIndustry 4.01. Victor Sundararaj
Head – Engineering Academy
2. Nampuraja Enose
Principal Consultant, Industry 4.0 Leader, Advanced Engineering Group
3. S Ramachandran
Principal Consultant

Industry 4.0 for the Indian Auto Sector

13th, 14th December 2018 @ IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai

Course Introduction:

Industry 4.0 (I 4.0) is a broad wave of technology adoption happening globally, across industry sectors. For developing countries like India that have missed earlier waves of industrialization in industrial automation, I 4.0 offers a level play field and an opportunity to catch up and become globally competitive. It is even more critical for the automotive industry because of the multiple forces of disruption it is facing today from new products and technologies, shifting ownership patterns and regulatory requirements.

Industry 4.0 has grown beyond just shop floor automation and connectivity to cover the entire ecosystem and the life-cycle of automobiles: from product design to planning, sourcing from suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, channels of delivery, aftermarket and until the end-of-life cycle and safe disposal. It is not just about cost reduction. New data based revenue streams such as infotainment are opening up. For those who are aware of its capabilities and can integrate it with sound business models, I 4.0 will enable new and profitable revenue streams driven by digitization.

The I 4.0 journey begins with a basic awareness of what it is and how it can benefit an organization. It is not a single technology that can be taught in the class room. It consists of a basket of upcoming digital technologies and management concepts. Leaders and decision makers should understand it deeply and then spread the concept in their organization. They should use the economics behind it for making investment decisions. Change management should be used for bringing about a cultural transformation for the people aspect and a successful adoption. The course will cover both technology and management aspects for the participants to have a successful journey in Industry 4.0 implementation.


Day – Technical Track:

·         Introduction to I 4.0, basic principles

·         Auto industry trends – CASE (connected, autonomous, electrical vehicles with ride sharing)

·         I 4.0 Technology roadmap, maturity index for benchmarking

·         Lunch break

·         Autonomous vehicles – deep dive

·         3D Printing for Additive Manufacturing

Day 2 – Management Track:

·         High Impact Leadership – roles expected, related topics

·         Lunch break

·         Evolving business models – product to service to experience

·         Data the new oil – leveraging digitization

·         Skill development to be future ready

·         Case studies of successful implementation

Key speakers from Infosys:

Victor Sundararaj

Head – Engineering Academy

Nampuraja Enose

Principal Consultant, Industry 4.0 Leader, Advanced Engineering Group

S Ramachandran

Principal Consultant

  • Victor currently leads the Engineering Academy, a strategic business partner team working collaboratively with the Engineering Business Unit in Infosys to design, develop and deliver competency programs of business relevance and rigor. He has about 18 years of experience in Engineering education and competency development in corporates and academics.
  • Nampuraja is responsible for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet strategy, developing vision and implementation of road-map at Infosys. His focus is on co-creating innovation with clients, academia (scientific partners) and research institutes – this involves design thinking, innovation workshops, pilot engagements, proof of concept development and joint development of digital strategy road-maps.
  • Ramachandran is a consultant in the Solution Design team, focusing on adoption of emerging technologies for the manufacturing sector. He is co-authoring a book on “reskilling for digital transformation” along with co-author Prof L Prasad, IIM Bangalore and Wiley India for publishing. He has close to 20 years of experience in technology enablement in areas such as PLM and Industry 4.0.

Benefits from attending the program:

Some of the questions that can be answered at the end of the workshop:

·         Is I 4.0 just a hype or can me and my organization really benefit from it?

·         What are the technology-agnostic basic principles and how can I adopt them to address business challenges?

·         How does a typical I 4.0 journey look like, what are the stages, where can I start?

·         What are the benefits that can be realized, how can I build a business model for my organization? What are new revenue streams that are feasible?

·         As a leader and decision maker, how can I influence the career planning for my team towards I 4.0?


Registration fee:

SAEINDIA Members : Rs. 15000 ( Inclusive of GST 18%)

Non-Members:  Rs. 15,000+GST 18%