Eligibility & Fees

Membership Eligibility : Applicants must be students leading in any bachelor, masters, or doctoral in engineering technology.

Membership Services : Through SAEINDIA student membership, students can enjoy many of the services made available to SAEINDIA’s regular members. Further, SAEINDIA Collegiate Clubs offer student members organized programs, design competition, networking opportunities with Industry leaders and leadership experience.

SAEINDIA Student members will receive Automotive and Engineering magazines online FREE. The online magazines offer the same great technical content and additional features in a searchable PDF format. Archived issues are also available.

SAEINDIA Student : Members now get online access to update. SAEINDIA’s Newsletter featuring society events, industry news, job openings, and more.

Student Members will be provided with I.D. and Password.

Join today to gain access to SAEINDIA’s magazines publications online.

Membership year for new enrolment is April 1st to March 31st : Student applications received Jan' 1st through March 31st will be held for the next membership year beginning April 1st , if not stated implicitly.

Student Annual Dues are Rs.472/-  ( GST 18%)

First year students can pay the membership fee as Rs.1600+315 (18% Service Tax) for all 4 years + Rs. 500 1year for transfer of membership to Associate Membership.

Students can also join the 4+1 scheme & enrol themselves till one year after the passing out year. The student 4+1 enrolment scheme is as follows:

  • 4+1 - 1st Year Student 400 x 4 + 500 = Rs.2100/- + Rs.378/- = Rs.2478/-
  • 3+1 - 2nd Year Student 400 x 3 + 600 = Rs.1800/- + Rs.324/- = Rs.2124/-
  • 2+1 - 3rd Year Student 400 x 2 + 700 = Rs.1500/- + Rs.270/- = Rs.1770/-
  • 1+1 - 4th Year Student 400 x 1 + 800 = Rs.1200/- + Rs.216/- = Rs.1416/-
  • Annual Membership 400 x 1 + Rs.72/- = Rs.472/-

The membership card will be valid for a period of which the member is paying the subscriptions as stated above.

The Student gets a substantial monetary benefit if opts for the 4+1 scheme. If he joins normally after passing out, his membership starts at a fee of Rs.1298 /- as against the above. Alternatively if the Institution collects Rs 2478/- during the first year, there is no further need for the collection process till the student passes out. The student also gets an additional year as the benefit.

Professional Membership

Professional Membership (New & Renewal)

Membership fee below 28 yrs and faculty – Fees:  1100 + GST 18% : 198  = 1298/- (valid for 12 months)

Membership fee above 28 yrs Fees : 1400+ GST 18%: 252 =1652/- (valid for 12 months)

10yr membership (faculty & industry members) : 10000 + GST 18% = 11800/- (valid for 120 months)

Renewal : No renewal option given for student membership. Professionals can renew their membership before the due or before their 90days grace period gets over.

Online Payment : https://www.payumoney.com/store/buy/saeindia-membership