President Message

                            President, SAEINDIA

Dear Member of SAEINDIA,

Greetings from SAEINDIA!  Hope you are staying safe in this year of the Corona Virus.

I am writing to you in the capacity of the President of SAEINDIA.  This note is to reach out to you and provide you with some updates on a few topics.

Supporting our members in the midst of the pandemic

2020 has seen many changes due to the advent of COVID-19 with disruptions in industries, universities, communities, homes and our individual lives.  Each one of us has been impacted to some extent – some more some less.  The world as we knew it has changed profoundly, and even simple tasks we used to take for granted have become more complex.

For SAEINDIA, two of the primary industry segments we support – Automobile industry and Aerospace industry – have seen dramatic shifts with no clear indication of when we can see a return to pre-COVID-19 levels.  Our student and faculty members have also been impacted since universities are not able to function normally.

Considering that many of our pre-COVID-19 activities have been curtailed, SAEINDIA has made several adjustments to continue bringing value to our members in the current situation.  Some of the notable changes we have introduced include the following:

  • Conducted a large number of webinars on various topics; more are planned.
  • Introduced virtual training sessions on topics of relevance.
  • Enhanced our website to make it easier for our members to find relevant information and connect with others
  • Organized virtual events to replace live conferences – the AeroCON Curtain Raiser event held on 9 September is the latest example.
  • Modified some of our student competitions into virtual events (e.g., BAJA 2021 will be entirely virtual).

I encourage you to visit our website at to catch up on the news, know more about upcoming events, read our magazine and renew your membership.  We are also very interested in your feedback; do take some time to share your comments.

Upcoming Elections

The standard term of the Managing Committee in SAEINDIA is for two years.  The current Managing Committee took office on 6 June 2018, and in the normal course of events a new Managing Committee should have come into place on 6 June 2020.

Just before the pandemic related lockdowns started, we had already initiated the election process and were expecting to announce elections during April 2020.  The successive lockdowns initiated in late March have changed everything.

Due to the extra-ordinary circumstances, we have extended the term of the current Managing Committee till the end of December 2020.  This has been done with due consultation with leaders from our Sections and deliberations within SAEINDIA MC, and consultation with the Election Officer.  We are working with the Tamil Nadu Registrar of Societies (they are also impacted by the lockdowns), and expect to proceed with elections for the next slate of MC members in the next several weeks – hopefully during October-November timeframe.

Please check our website for more information on the election related announcements.

The future of SAEINDIA

SAEINDIA is in its 25th year of operations.  In many ways, we are a mature Society with several long-running activities, many volunteers, and large number of members who have benefited from our activities.  This is also a good time to not only reflect on the past, but also look ahead into the future.

The current pandemic is expected to influence our activities for the next few quarters.  The pandemic may also result in major shifts in the industries we work with.  We have been debating this, and leaders within SAEINDIA are working on how the Society should respond to these upcoming changes so that we can continue to organize meaningful activities for the members.  If you would like to share your ideas on how SAEINDIA can become more effective, please write to us and get involved.

SAEINDIA is a member driven Society.  We welcome members with the passion for working together, enthusiasm for sharing & serving, willingness to contribute, and having the bandwidth to participate in SAEINDIA activities.  Even though the upcoming elections are about the Managing Committee, there are many other ways to participate and volunteer in SAEINDIA through our Boards, Forums and various Committees – to share your knowledge, serve the society, learn & grow, and build a great network for yourself.   You can participate at various levels of the organization – as a volunteer in your Division, in the Section or at the national level.  I encourage you to contact your Section leaders about how you can get involved.

In closing

I’d like to conclude this note by reminding you that SAEINDIA is a Society of Engineers – a class of people who use scientific knowledge and innovation to overcome challenges and create a better future for society.

Today is also Engineers’ Day in India – in honor of Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya, one of the best engineers that India has produced – a civil engineer, economist, dam builder and statesman.

Let us honor the memory of Sir MV by rising up to today challenges, and working together to create a better future.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bala K. Bharadvaj

President SAEINDIA

15 September 2020